Electricity Tax

Electricity Tax is levied on consumption or sale of electricity in the state of Tamil Nadu under The Tamil Nadu Tax on Consumption or Sale of Electricity Act, 2003 and the Rules made there under.

Procedure for registering generators and payment of electricity tax

  • Every Person other than licensee / State Govt. who has installed or proposes to install a generating plant should apply for registration of the generator in Form - 'A1' to the concerned Electricity Tax Inspecting Officer holding the post of Electrical Inspector along with original remittance challan for Rs. 200/ - paid in to a Govt. treasury under this dept. head of account.
  • Certificate of Registration will be issued in Form - 'A2'.
  • Rate of Tax is Ten paise per unit on the electricity consumed
  • Monthly return in Form - 'C2' should be submitted regularly along with the original remittance challan for the amount of tax calculated as above
  • The rate of interest is 12% per annum for belated payments.

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