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Electricity is a subject included in the concurrent list of Constitution of India. The Electricity Act, 2003 (Act 36 of 2003) has been enacted repealing the Indian Electricity Act, 1910, the Electricity Supply Act, 1948 and Electricity Regulatory Commission Act, 1998. The said Electricity Act, 2003 has come into force with effect from 10th June 2003.

Created on 7th September 1961 as a separate Department, functioned under administrative control of PWD Department. From 1st August, 1993 Electrical Inspectorate functions under administrative control of Energy Department. Headed by Chief Electrical Inspector and assisted by Senior Electrical Inspectors at circle level, Electrical Inspectors at District level.


  1. Tamil Nadu will be a state where people, industry and regulators share a strong commitment to the safe and efficient supply and use of electricity
  2. Government of Tamil Nadu Electrical Inspectorate will be nationally respected and recognized as a leader in safety regulation that facilitates safety and efficiency outcomes through strong communication and consultation, clear regulation, and fair inspection and enforcement activities
  3. Safety will be delivered within a framework that is cost effective and fair for all parties. This framework will be consistently and openly communicated to the people and industry.


Protect and promulgate electrical safety among all category of electricity consumers and electricity suppliers to strive for electrical accident free Tamil Nadu by

  1. i.Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations to ensure compliance of safety provisions specified in Regulations, Rules and Standards.
  2. Inspection, licensing and administering the lifts and escalators to ensure compliance with Rules and Safety Standards.
  3. Developing and communicating the electrical safety requirements to all stakeholders.


  • Enforcement of safety provisions in the Electricity Act 2003 and the regulations made thereunder, namely, Central Electricity Authority (Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2023
  • Levy and collection of Tax on consumption and sale of Electricity under the Tamil Nadu Tax on Consumption or Sale of Electricity Act, & Rules, 2003
  • Enforcement of the Tamil Nadu Lifts and Escalators Act, & Rules,1997
  • Enforcement of the Rules relating to Electrical Installation and Fire Safety in the Tamil Nadu Cinema (Regulation) Rules, 1957, framed under Tamil Nadu Cinematograph Act, 1955


  • Member of Electro-technical Division of Bureau of Indian Standards to formulate standards and specifications related to electricity, lifts and escalators
  • Government Electrical Standards Laboratory - Testing and calibration activities in the electro-technical field
  • Member in Power and Telecommunication Co-ordination Committee to enforce the PTCC Code.
  • Member in Chennai Corporation High Level Committee to give advice in respect of Electricity hazards and danger to prevent electrical accidents.
  • Ex-officio President of Tamil Nadu Electrical Licensing Board
  • Ex-officio President of Board of Examiners for Cinema Operators licensed under Tamil Nadu Cinema (Regulation) Rules 1957.


  • Approval for the new HT supply installations, Wind Electric Generators (WEGs), Solar power plants and additions/alterations to HT service electrical installations, under Regulation 45
  • Approval of captive generator sets and solar PV plants of more than 10 kW under Regulation 34
  • Approval of electrical installations in multi-storied building more than 15m in height under Regulation 38
  • Periodical Inspection and Testing of High and Extra High Tension consumers and power plant Installations under Regulation 32
  • Periodical Inspection and Testing of Substations, Generating Stations, Switching Stations, distribution transformer SS belonging to TANGEDCO, TANTRANSCO, etc., under Regulation 32
  • Investigation of electrical accidents in connection with the generation, transmission, supply or use of energy as per the provisions of Sec.161(2) of Electricity Act,2003.
  • Inspection & Testing of temporary installations where public gather and VVIP visits - under section 54 of the Electricity Act, 2003.


  1. Approval of Drawing, Inspection and issue of Electrical certificate for New Permanent/ Semi - permanent Cinemas
  2. Issue / Renewal of Electrical Certificate for (once in every 3 years) permanent cinemas and (once in a year ) Touring Cinemas
  3. Issue and Renewal (Once in 5 years) of Cinema Operator License under Rule 11 of Tamil Nadu Cinemas (Regulation) Rules, 1957 by Chief Electrical Inspector


Ensures safety of lift and escalator installations by:

  1. Issue of Erection Permission for Lifts & Escalators
  2. Inspection and Issue of Licenses for working the Lifts & Escalators
  3. Periodical Inspection (once in Three years) & Renewal of Licenses for working the Lifts & Escalators
  4. Issue and renewal of Authorization for Companies carrying out erection, maintenance, inspection and testing of Lifts and Escalators.

Tamil Nadu Tax on Consumption or Sale of Electricity Act, 2003

This Act has come into force on and from 16.6.2003 repealing the existing Tamil Nadu Electricity (Taxation on consumption) Act 1962 and Tamil Nadu Electricity Duty Act, 1939.

  • 10 paise tax per unit is levied on self-generated consumption of electrical energy.
  • 5 percent tax is levied on the net charge of Electricity sold by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board or by any other licensee.
  • Following categories of consumers are exempted from the levy of the above tax :- 
  1. Government Bodies
  2. Railway Administration
  3. Any Local Authority
  4. Energy sold by Tamil Nadu Electricity Board or any other Licensees for the use of domestic, huts and agriculture purpose.

Government Electrical Standards Laboratory (GESL)

  • Government Electrical Standards Laboratory (GESL) – Established in the year 1929, attached to the Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector to the Government of Tamil Nadu
  • Carrying out calibration and testing activities of electrical equipment received from various State Electricity Boards, Industries, Electrical Contractors, etc., and hydraulic pressure testing of fire extinguishers used at cinema installations
  • Performs challenge test on energy meters, Metering sets, Current Transformers and Potential Transformers as per the TNERC order no. M.P. 41-3, dated. 08.09.2009 or when referred by Honorable Courts, whenever disputes arise between the TANGEDCO and customer
  • GESL is recognized at international level through NABL accreditation acquired in July, 2012  for electro technical discipline as per IS/ISO 17025.
  • Due to adverse effects of 2015 floods, there is a discontinuation in NABL accreditation  cycle. Action is being taken to resume NABL accreditation for electro-technical discipline.

Organisation Structure

Electrical Inspectorate headed by Chief Electrical Inspector to Govt., is under the administrative control of Energy Dept. The Chief Electrical Inspector to Govt. is assisted by other statutorily appointed Electrical Inspectors in various cadres such as Senior Electrical Inspector, Electrical Inspector, Assistant Electrical Inspector & Junior Electrical Inspector in executing the technical works. In administration & clerical side there are Chief Accountants, Administrative Officer, Superintendents and other ministerial staffs.