Procedures For Inspection And Safety Certificate

1. completion reports for the installations carried out

  • 1.1. The installation works should be carried out by a licensed Electrical Contractor under the supervision of a person holding a Certificate of Competency as prescribed in regulation 31 of the Central Electricity Authority (Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2023, in accordance with Central Electricity Authority (MSES) Regulations, 2023, Bureau of Indian Standards, applicable codes and practices and as per the General and Specific Conditions & Remarks stipulated in the drawing approval.
  • 1.2. After carrying out the installation works, a completion report should be forwarded to the Electrical Inspectorate along with the following:
    •  A challan for having remitted the required inspection fees.
    • Copy of the load sanction letter issued by the Supply authorities.
    • Report on the completion of Supplier’s portion of installation for effecting service connection.
    • Copy of appointment letter of authorised Electrical Supervisor and his consent letter with the Certificate details under regulation 3 of Central Electricity Authority (MSES) Regulations, 2023.
    • Completion Report prepared in a standard format as prescribed in I.S. 732.
    • Report of compliance of item-wise conditions stipulated in the drawing approval.
    • Manufacturer’s original test certificates (with two copies) for the E.H.V. and H.V. equipment, Transformers, switchgear, Cables, Generators, Motors, Bus-duct, and appliances. Pre-commission test report in the case of equipment which was kept idle for a period of more than six months. In the case of equipment which had undergone repairs, etc., HV test should be conducted and Test Certificate should be furnished with the knowledge of the Electrical Inspector.
    • List of equipment details (department/section wise) furnishing the following details:
      • Name plate details of HV and EHV equipment, gears, panels, cables, bus ducts etc.
      • Rating in HP/kW/kVA/kVAr, Voltage and feeder details in respect of generators and loads.
      • Details of Switch Boards and DBs.
      • Deviations in the rating, Circuitry arrangement, and location change from the approved drawings.

2. Inspection

2.1. The next stage is an inspection by the Electrical Inspectorate under the Central Electricity Authority regulations.

2.2. At the time of inspection, a responsible representative of the consumer, the Electrical Supervisor who has signed the completion report and the representative of the Contractor should be present with their license and measuring instruments.

3. Rectification Of Defects And Obtaining Permission

  • All the defects intimated after the inspection by the Inspectorate should be rectified and a report should be sent thereon.
  • The electrical defects, if any, pointed out at the time of inspection should be rectified and a detailed item-wise Rectification report sent to the Electrical Inspectorate through the consumer.

4 Commissioning And Reporting

4.1. Once the permission is issued by the Electrical Inspectorate after ensuring compliance, the consumer may arrange to get the installation energised in consultation with the Supplier.

4.2. The date of commissioning of the installations should be reported to the Electrical Inspectorate by the consumer.

4.3. In cases where the commissioning of installation was not done before the expiry of the validity of permission issued by the Electrical Inspectorate, the application with required documents as deemed necessary by the Electrical Inspectorate should be submitted and the permission should be got revalidated before energisation.