Procedure for Inspection and Issue of Safety Certificate under regulations, 34 of CEA (MSES) regulation 2023

MV Generator Installations

  • Consumer intending to commission MV Generators of capacity above 10 KW should in coordination with licensed Electrical Contractor, who erected the installation should apply with the following to the relevant office after completion of erection works.
    • Electrical Contractor's Completion report duly filled in standard form.
    • List of Equipment erected with complete details of engine, generator, control panel, cable, change over arrangement, etc.,
    • Purchase bill for the generator.
    • No objection Certificate from the owner of the premises if the EB service connection is not in the name of the applicant.
    • Photo copy of EB meter card.
    • Original remittance challan for the Inspection fees (Vide Fees G.O.) paid in to a Govt. Treasury under this dept. head of account.
  • If the application is submitted in complete shape, inspection of the Generator installation will be arranged and defects report will be issued for the defects found during the inspection.
  • The Consumer shall arrange to rectify all the defects and send the item wise rectification report.
  • If the rectification report is in order, approval under regulation 34 will be accorded to the Generator installation inspected.