Touring (Travelling) Cinemas

Procedure for making additions or alterations to the existing Electrical Installation at Touring Cinemas

  • The Licensee (Cinema Owner) intending to make additions or alterations to the existing electrical installation (Cabin or Auditorium) of the Cinema should send the following to the Electrical Inspector.
    • Completion Report in Std. Form obtained from the Electrical Contractor who erected the electrical installation.
    • Original remittance challan for Rs.200/ - paid in to a Govt. treasury under this dept. head of account.
    • Purchase Bills or Sale Deed or Lease Agreement for the Cinema equipments added / altered (Projector, Slide Projector, Rectifier, etc.,)
  • On receipt of the above in complete shape, Inspection of the Cinema will be arranged and Defects report issued (for any defects found during inspection of Cinema) within 7 days from the date of inspection.
  • The Applicant on receipt of the defects report shall arrange to rectify all the defects and send an item wise rectification report to the Electrical Inspector. (The defects of electrical nature are to be rectified by an electrical contractor holding valid licence and the item wise rectification report obtained from him should be forwarded)
  • If the rectification report is in order, the additions and/or alterations will be permitted and recommended to the Licensing Authority.