Procedure For Obtaining Permission To Make Additions Or Alterations To A Existing Lift

  • Ensure the Lift Erection Company is approved by Chief Electrical Inspector to Govt., Chennai -32
  • Duly fill in Form 'A' in consultation with the Lift Company
  • Enclose triplicate copies of drawings duly signed by the Applicant and Authorized Person of Lift Company, showing
    • Layout of the lift erection
    • Plan
    • Section Elevation
    • Arrangement of Doors
    • Lift well Enclosure
    • Size and position of the machine relating to the lift well
    • Position of hoisting machine
    • Number of floors to be served and total travel
    • (Further the proposed additions / alterations should be shown in distinct colours)
  • Enclose triplicate copies of drawings duly signed by the Applicant and licenced Electrical Contractor, showing Wiring Scheme for the complete lift installation including earthing scheme
  • Enclose copy of approval obtained from the Urban Local Body concerned for the Building Plan
  • Enclose original treasury challan for Rs. 500/- ( The amount should be remitted into a Govt. Treasury or a Bank dealing with Treasury (Eg. State Bank of India , Thousand Lights for Chennai City Area) under this department head of account ) (To download chalan Click here)
  • Forward the above in complete shape to the respective Divisional Electrical Inspector ( To know the Office location Click here)

Permission in Form - 'B' to erect the lift will be issued within one month, if the application is in order. Permission granted in Form -'B' is valid for six months from the date on which it is granted The Permission in Form - 'B' can be extended further to a period of six months on receipt of application stating the reason along with original challan for Rs. 500/-